Christina Meursinge’s full name is Christina Muersinge El Moussa and she was born as Haak in the year 1983. She is a real estate investor in America and she is a TV personnel. She is the co-star at HGTV show called Flip or Flop. She was appearing together with the ex-husband called Tarek El Moussa. She had become successful because of strategy in real estate investment and it is called House Flipping. The Flip or Flop does show the downs and up of the couple in the house flipping business and some level of their private life.

Christina Meursinge grew up in the city of Anaheim Hills in California State. She went to the school in the Southern California and she started to work in real estate industry after the college. This is when she met her ex husband called Tarek El Moussa. Christina Meursinge has expertise in the design and she worked with her husband to get new house and help in renovating homes.

Before their divorce, Christina Meursinge and her husband, they were running the real estate agency known at Tarek and Christina: the El Moussa Group. It was based in Orange County. This is the area known because of a high foreclosure rate. El Moussas with the business partner called Pete De Best, they bought the house for the first time in the city of Santa Ana and it was for 115,000 dollars. They sold the property and they made the profit which was 34,000.

The three divided the money and they continued with their flip houses business. They expanded the real estate investing business in Nevada and Arizona. When these two divorced, the group also dissolved and it is now running like Tarek and Associates. This is the venture where Tarek works alone. Each one has now been able to own a design and a construction company and they continue with flip houses at the Southern California.

When Christina Meursinge and her ex husband were still married, they were selling the real estate in Southern California place. This when the housing market plummeted, in 2008 stock market crash, the real estate business started to suffer. They stopped to live in the house worth 6,000 each month and they went to an apartment of 700 dollars. In the year 2011, someone asked her husband to make a tape and to audition to HGTV. His friend made up the entire episode and it was about flipping, starting at the start to the end.

This audition tape about flipping got sent to production and everyone did not believe that it will lead to some interest. The Pie Town production got interested and HGTV producers checked the Instagram profile to the couple which talked about the renovation projects they did. HGTV gave the contract to these couple and it was about buying the distressed property and to renovate it.

Last Modified: 04 Jun, 2018

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