Christina Greevan is a wife of Chris Cumo, she is an editor of a magazine known as ‘Hamptons Purist’. She launched her first magazine in July. She entered into lifestyle magazine decade before. Christina Joined Niche Media LLC as Vice President in 2001. She got married to Chris Cumo on 24th November 2001. Christina got married in Catholic Church Apart from her career, she is always taking care of her family and children. Christina was born on 12 January in the USA. Her parents were Rainer Attorney and Ragina Greevan. She graduated in 1992 from Cornella University. She follows white culture.

Personal life

Christina Greevan was married to an Amercian journalist, who was the editor-in-chief of Gotham Magazine. They both were dating each other in 2001. In Gotham Magazine she was handling advertising and event promotions. They both have 3 kids. Christina always takes out time for her family. She is enjoying her life with her husband and children. Christina is a modern woman, who always take care of herself. The net worth of Christina is 3 million Dollar. Christina lives in Manhattan with her family and she loves playing Tennis, writing poetry and reading. Since her young age, she had interest in writing.


Christina Greevan is a founder and editor of Hamptons Purist, which is based on the healthy living of the people. She immediately started her career in writing just after completing her education. Christen launched her first magazine in ‘New York’. After that, she became the Vice-Chairman of Niche Media LLC in 2001. She also wrote for ‘Manhattan File’ a lifestyle magazine. After that, Christina became the editor in chief for 7 years. In ‘Manhattan File she was responsible for writing rich content as well as advertising and promotion. She always ensures that the company would generate good profit from the market.

Last Modified: 29 May, 2018

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