Christie Mack was born as Christine Mackinday in the year 1991. She is a former pornographic actress and a nude model of American origins. She was born in the city of South Chicago Height and grew up in the city of Edinburgh.

According to her biography, Christie Mack started the career like a tattoo model. She was modeling for Inked Girls and Rebel Ink. She did also the videos and photos for Bang Bros and Brazzers. In the year 2012, she entered into the porn industry and she was the star of Whores Ink, Inked Angels which were produced by Evil Angel and Hot Body Ink which was produced by the Elegant Angel and Wicked Pictures production movie called Ink Girls.

Mack was portraying the DC Comics character called Zatanna in the year 2012. She was also in the video of Vivid Entertainment called The Dark Knight XXX. In the year 2013, she launched an official website called Puba and in November, the Fleshlight put at the market the signature sex toys for Mack called Attack and Booty. She became the star of porn parody and A Dream Zone Parody from Dream Zone Entertainment.

In the year 2013, during an interview, Christie Mack said that she wanted to stop performing in the adults’ video, whenever she will have enough money that will allow her to go to the retirement. In the year 2014, July, she said that she did not appear in the videos for 10 months and she may appear in one soon but the time was not right for her. She was still busy working on the online store, appearing in different events and selling personalized products.

Christie Mack’s life was in the story of Jane McManus, a writer at ESPN, and it was about what she was doing before starring in adult movies.

When it comes to her physical appearance, she said that she started to tattoo after the 16th birthday. She was avid painter and she was getting the tattoos that she designed herself. The first tattoo was put into the lower back and it is a nautical star and sparrows. She also tattooed a phrase, Love Sick at the knuckles. She had a red stamp that said, Property of War Machine at the right shoulder.

At Inked Mag, she said that her curvaceousness and tattoos helped her to achieve success since there was none like her when she started into the adult industry. She said that when she gets more tattoos, she also feel more beautiful. From the time she became 18 years old, she used to have a Mohawk hair style which she shaved.

She was already married when she started to model nude and left husband for the career. She got into a relationship with War Machine, but it ended badly when he injured her with 18 broken bones, missing teeth, broken nose with fractured rib, thigh bruise with a ruptured liver.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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