Chris Perez’s full name is Christopher Gilbert Perez and he was born in the year 1969. He is author, songwriter, guitarist and he became famous when he was the lead guitarist of Tejano Band called Selena Y Los Dinos.

He got married to Selena, who was a front woman of the band in the year 1992. He grew up in the city of San Antonia in Texas. His father is Gilbert Perez and his mother is Carmen Medina. He joined first the band named Shelly Lares and in few years, he became well known because of his skills as a guitarist. In two years of joining the band, Chris Perez started a personal relationship with Selena.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr, asked them to end the relationship thinking the image of Perez can damage the career of Selena. However, they did not agree to the threats of disbanding their group and did not stop to see each other. Quintanilla Jr had to fire Perez to go away from the band and forbid Selena to see him again. The two eloped and married.

After the marriage, the father agreed to the relationship and accepted and loved Chris as the son in law. The marriage ended in the year 1995, when Selena got killed by her former friend and also former manager of the boutiques she owned. The killer was called Yolanda Saldivar. The murder of Selena devastated Chris and up to now he still has a close relationship with the Quintanillas.

In the year 1998, Chris Perez started a relationship with Vanessa Villanueva and they got married. They had two children, Noah and Cassie before their divorce.

From his biography, Chris Perez was born to a computer programmer father. He is of Mexican-American ancestry. The parents divorced when he was only four years old and the mother got married again in the year 1978. Chris learned how to play a French horn when he was in the middle school and he joined school concert band. He is the one who taught himself how to play an electric guitar even if her mother disapproved because of negative stereotypes that surrounded Rock and Roll World.

At 17, Chris Perez wanted to go away and to start a band, while living with the father. He had been in many bands, some formed by himself and he joined others but left most of them. He is the author of To Selena, with Love, where he described their struggles and relationship. He was not ready to write this book, but the fans insisted that he does. He refused to talk about the project with Selena’s family and only showed the book to the father after finishing it. Abraham approved for the book to be published. Chris said that writing the book helped him to agree to what happened. The book was loved by fans and critics.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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