Chris is an American singer who has been playing lead singer for mental band.

Personal Life

Chris Motionless, whose birth name was Chris Cerulli, is a member of a metal band that consists of 6 people. His birthplace is Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA and he was born in the year 1986 on October 17th. He is a North American by ethnicity. Chris's childhood wasn't easy as his family divorced when he was very young.

With all the problems going around, Music was his only help. He formed a band in high-school which was also a starting point of his career. In the year 2013, he dated the beautiful Sabrina Malfoy with whom he later broke up. He has a make-up artist named Gaiapatra, who is a star on Instagram, and rumor has it they are dating. He is busy all the time trying to promote his songs through tours.


Chris began the start of his career by creating a metal band during his high school days in the year 2005. He got exposure and played in clubs during the night, and it immensely helped him in getting recognition. His luck took a different direction when he became the lead singer from the rhythm player. Producer and Agent, Zach Neil, is the guy who discovered his talent and signed a deal with a band which was later named Masquerade Recordings. At the very young age of 18, he joined the band Motionless In White where he was given the spot of the lead singer.

'The Whorror' was the first EP the band launched which happened in 2007. This year was a busy one for them as they traveled to various places to launch their first album. It was also a year in which they wrote a number of songs to make it big. 'Ghost In the Mirror' was the first song to receive tremendous love and played as their stepping stone. 'Reincarnate' particularly did a lot in terms of award-winning and Chris won several awards for this third album.

It bagged the ninth place in the US Billboard 200 and was on top of US Rock Albums Chart. Chris's perseverance is what makes him the most famous member of the group. He believed in himself and stayed as a member of the band through every hardship.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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