Cecilia Vega was born in the year 1977 and she is American journalist. She is now serving like a senior White House Correspondent for ABC News. She joined into the network in the year 2011 and it was in the city of Los Angeles before working at the White House. She rotates with Tom Llamas who is the anchor for the Weekend Edition for the ABC World News Tonight. She joined ABC News after working at KGO TV of San Francisco. This is where she was a part of the team which got Emmy award in the year 2010. Before working at Broadcast Journalism, she was writing for San Francisco Chronicles.

According to her biography, Cecilia Vega had worked in many capacities. She worked for KGO-TV of San Francisco, which is the affiliate to the ABC Network. She was covering many stories of the region in the three years she worked at the station. In the year 2010, she got the Emmy for interviewing a person who witnessed the attack to a student at homecoming dance of her high school.

She joined ABC News in the year 2011, to work as their correspondents from Los Angeles. She covered a number of different stories and they took her around the entire world. The assignments made her to travel to London, Rome and Japan where she was covering Olympics and choosing of the new pope and Fukushima power plant disaster. She was able to take a submarine that made him to reach into the Arctic bottom and she was able to pet the whales at California Gulf.

She has interviewed many news makers such as Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto and Sylvester Stallone. She covered the Barack Obama inauguration and other stories she covered does include Ebola cases for United States and midterm election of 2014 in United States. She was also in charge to report the Sony computer hacking with the fallout allegation brought against Bill Cosby.

In the year 2015, she was named to be anchor of World News Tonight Saturday of ABC news. She worked in this capacity up to 2017, when she got named to become a senior correspondent at White House.

Cecilia Vega had got many awards and they include local Emmy of 2010, she got awards from California Newspaper Publishers Association, Hearst Corporation, East Bay Press Club with The New York Times.

Cecilia Vegas got married in the year 2008, her husband is a California Highway Patrol officer called Ricardo Jimenez. The two dated each other for sometime before deciding to get married. They said that they met at a party and the two are known to share a good relationship and no rumors about any divorce that surrounds them. Her husband got an award of Meritorious Achievement Awards and this was because he saved intoxicated person who would have fallen off a cliff.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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