Caroline Rhea is known as a stand-up comedian and actress. She is most famous for her role in the ABC sitcom, Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Background and Age

Caroline Rhea was born on April 13, 1964 in Westmount, Canada. Caroline was raised by her folks are Margery and David Rhea. Her father worked in the therapeutic field as an obstetrician and gynecologist. She has two kin, Celia and Cynthia. When Caroline was more youthful, she went to an all-young ladies non-public school in Westmount, Quebec. She also went to Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia before making a beeline for the United States to go to the University of Arizona.

Career and Net Worth

Caroline moved to New York City in 1986 to pursue a career as a comedian and an actress. She started performing at little comedy scenes, nearby future comedian hotshots like Chris Rock, Louis C.K., Dave Attell, and Marc Maron. Caroline Rhea has shot various comedy specials for different networks. She taped a one-hour special for HBO, called One Night Stand, which ended up being effective for her career. She lined that up with another hour special called Rhea's Anatomy which broadcasts on the Bravo network.

After her acting debut, she later joined a show that would put her on the map called Sabrina the Teenage Witch alongside actors Melissa Joan Hart and Beth Broderick. Caroline played the role of a 600 year old witch named Aunt Hilda.

In September 2019, Alec Baldwin was honored in the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin. Caroline Rhea was invited to be part of the panel that joked about Baldwin's career and personal life.

Marriage, Husband and Kids

In 2009, there were some rumors that Rhea and comedian Marc Maron were having a sexual relationship. She was dating her long-term beau Costaku Economopoulos when this talk came out. She discussed her involvement with Marc on his podcast, WTF. In 2011, there was news that Caroline and Brett Wilson, a Dragon's Den panelist were in a relationship. They were seen kissing one another.

She and a comedian, Costaku Economopoulos have a girl together. Costaku was Caroline's long-lasting sweetheart, they started dating in 2007 however have since split up. When she declared that she was pregnant with Costaku's kid, she thought they would last a long time. After their relationship finished, Costaku purportedly said they lamented a portion of the huge contentions they had that destroyed their relationship. In an interview, Caroline said that she shed very nearly 5 pounds when she suspected Costaku was cheating on her.

Last Modified: Feb 1, 2021

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