Quick facts
Birth date 12 May, 1964
Age 55 yrs
Occupations Chef
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Nashville
Education Howard University
Gender Female
Description American chef

Carla Hall, a chef, a TV personality and an actor by profession, came to life on May 12th 1964 and is currently 51 years of age. She is a Native American and was born in Nashville, Tennessee. She is known for her beautiful recipes which she prepares and gained popularity specifically because of the cookies she prepares. She was born to her parents in US and started to have an inclinations towards cooking at very young.

She learned various dishes to cook as she grew up and finally decided to make her career in Cooking and as a Chef later on to pursue her interest. She graduated from Howard University with accounting as specialization and even worked at the company Price Waterhouse for some years in the beginning. But later on because of her interest towards cooking, she shifted her career. She is known to be married to her present husband ‘Matthew D. Lyons’ and has been staying with him since their marriage. Their bond as a couple is very strong and her husband often helps her in her cooking activities.

According to her bio, Hall started her professional career working at a financial firm Price Waterhouse but left the firm after working for 2 years. She later on tried her luck in modelling and modelled for few years in France and Italy. However because of her interest in cooking she later on shifted her focus to make a career as a chef. She started a venture of her own wherein she used to deliver lunch to various people on demand. The service gained some popularity and Hall got offers to work in some restaurants as well. She worked at some restaurants and food chains and later on opened her own catering business. However she rose to fame when she appeared in the TV show ‘top Chef’ which was a competition based on cooking. Many of her dishes in the competition were much appreciated and she impressed the judges a lot.

She got many positive reviews by various panel members for her cooking at various stages of the competition and ended up as a runner up in the content. By the end of competition her name had become very popular and familiar in US. She later on started appearing as a host in the TV show ‘The Chew’ which was telecasted on ABC channel and was based on cookery. The show was much appreciated and had its own set of loyal audiences on TV. Hall became a star chef because of the show. She also appeared on the cover of various magazines because of her popularity on TV and amongst the audiences.

Hall is known to be a rich chef because of her appearances on TV and her TV shows. She has got a total net worth of close to $ 2.5 million and her net worth is projected to increase in the future as well considering her continuous work as a chef at the restaurants and her popularity as the TV show host on various cookery shows on TV.

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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