With origins in Canada, Cami Elliot is the wife of the fellow actor of Canadian origin, Brennan Elliot. The Canadian duo actors have been together since the year of 2011.

Personal Life

Information regarding Cami Elliot’s childhood and her early life is currently unknown. Also, she has not revealed any information regarding her siblings or parents and her general background until now. She is of North Canadian origin and is a brunette by ethnicity. Also, information regarding Cami’s educational information too is unknown to the public.

Since information regarding Cami’s personal life is not known, the rumors and controversies regarding her remain away from the public eye too. Though considering Cami’s domesticated life with no spotlight, one can safely assume that she has never been a part of any controversies.

Cami has light brown eyes and black hair which makes her a perfect brunette. Also, Cami is absent from any of the social media websites.

Cami and her husband Elliot met way back when in the year of 1990 due to a friend they both had in mutual but did not get married until the year 2011. After having been together for two years, Brennan proposed to her in the year of 2011 and the duo finally got married.

The couple have been fortunate to have been blessed with by God with two children, a daughter and her son. Actor Brennan periodically uploads photos of his children and himself. The family of four also happens to have a pet dog, which makes it a family of 5.


Cami is an extremely private person who keeps her distance from the media and stays outside of spotlight as much as possible. This is the primary reason for the lack of Cami’s information to the public. As of now, the public know Cami only as the wife of Brennan Elliot who happens to be a famous actor of Canadian origin. Also, since her personal life is out of the public spotlight, her professional life also stays out of the spotlight. Cami is extremely reserved when it comes to interaction with the media, away from the prying eyes as it were.

Her husband, Brenna Elliot is popular for playing the role of Dr. Nick Biancavila which is a depiction of the drama series by the name of “Strong Meditation”. He has also made cameos and guest appearances in various television shows and movies in his illustrious career which has spanned throughout the last decades.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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