Brooke Sealey is a model who gained fame for greeting drivers on the famed Victory Lane and is also a former title holder of Miss Winston. Se was also previously married to a car racer by the name of Jeff Gordon.

Personal Life

Born in Winston in the country of the United States of America, Brooke’s date of birth is not known to her fans or the general public. Brooke is of North American ancestry and is a national of the United states of America. Much information is not known regarding her childhood years or her personal life in general. On the whole, Brooke’s life before her marriage with race driver Jeff Gordon is relatively unknown.

There were rumors floating around that Brooke Sealey was involved in an affair that was extra marital which paved the way for her divorce with Jeff Gordon the car racer. The divorce attracted a lot of media and public attention which was stretched on for a long period of almost 16 months. The settlement that the former couple agreed to was one of the highest paid settlements in the history of sportsmen.

Brooke was previously involved with Philip Wegner but they separated. She then married Jeff Gordon in the 1994 but the marriage did bot bore any children. The couple filed for divorce in 2002. Brooke has a child with James Dixon the second but she named the child after her then husband Jeff Gordon.

In spite of being a model, information regarding Brooke’s body measurements including her weight, height and in general other body measurements in the public or the media in general. Though it is obvious from her various public appearances that she has beautiful brown eyes and a light shade of beautiful dazzling brown hair.

Brooke later married Mullins Mcleod who happens to be a former gubernatorial candidate for the state of South Carolina.


Brooke gained fame in the public and media in general when she achieved the title of Miss Winston. Brooke used to walk down the victory lane prior to the race to greet the riders. She gained an enormous amount of fame when she got into a relationship and subsequently married Jeff Gordon who is a car racer.

Brooke is inactive on any social media websites including Facebook, public sharing profile Twitter and Instagram which is a popular photo sharing website and there is no publicly verified presence of Brooke on social media.

Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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