Quick facts
Birth date 12 Jul, 1979
Age 40 yrs
Occupations News presenter
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Atlanta
Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Universidad Iberoamericana
The Westminster Schools
Gender Female
Description American television journalist

Brooke Baldwin is an American news anchor who started her career at WVIR-TV and later, joined WTTG, in Washington DC. She is now the host of CNN Newsroom. When Sanchez was fired in 2010, Baldwin was filled in as a substitute for him.

She earned a double bachelor degree in Journalism and in Spanish from University of North Carolina. She also took up courses in Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, during her graduation days. She joined CNN and HLN in 2008 and was a contributor on Rick’s list, before Sanchez was fired. She hosted many programs, newscast and central time countdown for New Year’s Eve coverage.

She is a beautiful, charming and a camera friendly media person. She is 31 years old and she has managed to keep her look young, till date. It is obvious that she had relationship with a few men and dated a few others. However, she finally decided to marry her long term boyfriend, Jay David. He is a veterinarian and they were engaged in 2010. Now, Brooke Baldwin and Jay David are having a blissful married life. The pair has no children yet and there are no signs of the relation ending in divorce, as yet.

Baldwin successfully covered many different stories from different part of the world like, death of Osama Bin Laden, Tsunami in Japan, chaos in Syria and many other sensational matters. She has a long list of followers in social media sites and her annual income is said to be 1.3 million dollars. She was also a part of the Peabody award winning team that covered the oil spill disaster, in the Gulf, the Upper Big Branch coal mine collapse in West Virginia and the nation’s big auto makers’ battle. Benghazi attack, Presidential election, shooting massacre at Virginia Tech, World’s untold stories (Forgotten Mayan City), Arab Spring and Network Primetime coverage were some of her contributions, to the news world. She also hosted a 30 minute show on music in CNN, due to the success of Baldwin’s #MusicMonday series of artist interviews.

It has become a fashion part of the TV celebrities’ lives to divorce and have affairs and gt involved in scandals.  There were rumors about Brooke and Jay David, were seeking a divorce. However, the rumors stopped, after they denied it publically. They also announced that they are against divorce. The couple does not have children but they are living happily despite the rumors of divorce and separation. One can access Brooke’s personal details through Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

Brooke is a highly talented personality who believes in building a rapport, before starting her interviews. Her reporting style and pleasing presentations have won her many fans. She talks about social issues like child abuse and ways to help children in her Twitter campaign. Beyond being the nerve spot in field and studio for news events, she also covered Sandy Hook shooting, The queen’s Diamond Jubilee and her one hour long documentary titled, ‘To catch a killer’ won her the Silver Medal for the Best Investigative Report  in Film Awards 2012 that took place in New York.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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