Britta Merwin is a Meteorologist from America who works for the CNBC. She is one of the leading members of the NBC meteorological team as a debutante worker. She has gained fame for working alongside the KCRA in the role of Weekend Morning Meteorologist when she resided in California.

Personal Life

Born in Texas at San Antonio to American parents, Britta Merwin was born on February the 19th though there is no public record wo the year of her birth. A talented meteorologist little Britta spent most of her childhood in the town of Littleton. Her father was a doctor in the United States Air Force. He currently conducts private practice in Napa county in California.

Britta’s mother Amy is a retired nurse who owns her own line of skin care products called Epidermix. She is a funder member and current President of NatureDerm, Inc. Britta has a brother Alex and a sister by the name of Ashley. Britta’s parents applied for a divorce and her father since has been married to A Judy Merwin who was also a practicing nurse and an anesthetist in the United States Air Force. The couple now own a private practice in Napa.

Britta currently resides in England in the USA. Due to her defense background, Britta had a huge interest in pursuing meteorology especially after being visited by a local meteorologist in her high school days. Britta was a student at the University of Stony Brook wherein she has majored in Atmospheric Sciences for Meteorology.

Britta is married to a United States Coast Guard officer Kevin and has two beautiful children with him.


After Graduating from the University of Stone Brook, Merwin interned at the WCBS TV in New York and then also at the KMGH out of Denver, Colorado and quickly learned the trade of the Meteorologist World. After being hugely appreciated for her talent at the NBC Weather Plus, she gained a critical recognition plus a good source of income.

After NBC Weather Plus was purchased by “The Weather Channel, Britta had to live in a state of unemployment along with a fellow meteorologist by the name of Samantha Davies. After shifting o California, Britta was hired by the KCRA to fill the role of a a Weekend Mornings Meteorologist after having left the east coast. Britta’s financial position is unknown to the public which leaves her net worth and salary unknown.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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