Brian Kelley is a well known and successful American musician. He was born on August 26, 1965 and has achieved reasonable amount of success as a musician. He has become famous for being a member of the Florida George Line which is a Nashville based group. This group is a two member organization consisting of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard and they both have given some of the most memorable numbers over the past many years.

Hence, it would not be wrong to mention that when the biography of Brian Kelley is written there will be quite a few things to talk about. He certainly has a big fan following and therefore this article will be quite useful to his supporters, fans and admirers. Hence, we list down the various achievements, and the various milestones in his life both at his professional and personal levels.

Early Life

Brian Kelley was born in Ormond Beach, Florida. He mother is Margaret Kelley and father is Ed Kelley. During his younger days, Brian enjoyed playing different types of sports and also loved to write. Further there are reports to suggest that he spend a significant amount of his leisure time playing baseball or spending time at the beach. Brian also had a passion for playing the guitar and used to indulge in it quite a bit.

His sister played an important role in honing the music skills of Brian. She introduced him to some famous local country musicians and they used to play their tapes. In exchange Brian’s sister Kelley used to wash the cars for these rich country musicians. This helped Brian to learn the finer point of music and singing and this certainly stood him on good stead in future.

Personal Life

He dated a beautiful girl by the name Britney Marie Cole and their dating and courtship lasted for seven months. Both Britney and Brian realized that they are made for each other and they decided to get married. Their marriage took place on December 16, 2013 and since then they have been living together happily. There are hardly any reasons to believe that there is something amiss in the marriage. They are blissfully married and fully happy and contended.

Net Worth

Over the years Brian Kelley has built up a net worth of $25 million dollars which is astounding.


It would now be interesting to look at the career of Brian Kelley and it certainly has quite a few interesting milestones if one would like to call it so. He perhaps got his first break when he was introduced to Tyler Hubbard and this happened in 2007 at Belmond University. Their friendship developed and they spent quite a bit of time writing songs and playing the guitar.

In 2009, both Brian and Tyler decided that it was high time to pursue their love for music and convert it into a serious career option. Their first work It’s Just What We Do got released in 2012 and it did receive enthusiastic response and some major labels showed keen interest in it. This set their career on the upswing and since then there has been no looking back for Brian Kelley.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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