Born on April 29th 1977, Brandon McMillan has made name and fame as a well known American Television presenter and also an animal trainer. Both the combinations might look unusual. However, it is this unusual combination that has made McMillan what he is today. His love for the small screen and animals has helped in his success. It would be pertinent to mention here that he was won the prestigious Emmy Award for the popular television series by the name Lucky Dog on CBS.

Additionally, Brandon has earned quite a bit of fame and name as an animal behaviorist and author. Therefore at the end of the day, when we talk about the biography of Brandon, it certainly is quite colorful and there are quite a few things that one can write about him, his life and his achievements. Hence, without wasting too much of time, let us try and look at the various reasons as to why Brandon McMillan has become what he has today.

Early Life

Brandon was born in New Jersey state in a place called Trenton. He became an animal trainer because his father and uncle were also reasonably well known trainers in their own right. He spent his childhood amongst many animals including big cats, bears and elephants. This must have helped Brandon to overcome fear when being close to animals. However, there isn’t too much of information about the education, and other such personal details pertaining to the early life of Brandon McMillan. He perhaps is also not very keen on giving information about his early life and prefers to keep it secret and away from public glare.

Personal Life

Let us spend some time having a look at the personal life of Brandon MacMillan. There is no doubt that Brandon is dashing and looks very handsome and appealing. However, there are no reasons to suggest that he is married. There were some unconfirmed reports about his being a gay, but these later were found to be unfounded and wrong. He is not willing to share too much of information about his personal life because he likes to remain this way. However, it is a fact that Brandon is living a happy life as a single ma and he is fully focusing on his career.

Net Worth

According to some figures the net worth of Brendon McMillan should be around $20 million dollars.


Brandon began his career as an animal trainer early with Hollywood Animals. Since he had some exposure in his early childhood days it certainly helped him in more ways than one. He worked her for 15 years and gathered solid experience and expertise in animal training and behavior. He also was a passionate film maker and traveled places in the world in search of animals and their way of life. He also is the dog trainer for some famous celebrities like Kate Hudson and Hugh Hefner. Hence on the whole there is no doubt that Brandon McMillan is a successful person in whatever he has taken up.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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