Brandi Glanville is well known for her appearance on the reality TV show ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. She is also known for hosting a podcast called the ‘Brandi Glanville Unfiltered’, which takes the listeners to an uncensored news and gossips about celebrities, pop culture, and fashion.

She was a contestant in the Donald Trump-hosted ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, and was also featured on Celebrity Big Brother, Famously Single, and My Kitchen Rules. Apart from Television, she has authored two biographies of her own life. Thus, she’s also a New York Times best-selling author.

Early Days

Brandi Glanville was born in Monterey County, California on November 16, 1972. She was born as a second child to Guy Glanville and Judith Swinehart. She has an elder sister named Tricia and a younger brother named Micheal. She grew in a dangerous neighborhood where gang violence was plenty.

Her father was a pot distributor and grew marijuana in her backyard. During her school days, she worked as a waitress in a restaurant. After graduating from the John. F. Kennedy high school, she was approached by someone and was asked to attend an open call in San Francisco. Glanville’s life as a model begun thus.

Career as a Model

Brandi Glanville began her modeling life in Paris, France, where she was doing runway shows. In her 17-year long modeling career, she has done shows in Los Angeles, New York and in various European runway shows. Brandi Glanville soon became a top model and was featured in fashion magazines such as Glamour and Cosmopolitan. She has also worked for well-known fashion brands such as Gucci, Armani, and Chanel.

Career in Television

Brandi Glanville first gained fame in television through the second season of the Bravo-reality series ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. She appeared as the ‘Friend of the housewives’ in the show. She appeared in the show just after going through a divorce with her former husband, Eddie Cibrian. Even though she was a minor character on the show, she gained popularity.

On the show, Brandi was gorgeous, outspoken, and outrageous that the producers felt the need to add her to the cast. Hence, she was promoted as a housewife in the season three of the show. However, she departed from the show in 2015 after the fifth season. But since then, she has been giving guest appearances in the show.

In 2016, Brandi Glanville competed on the seventh season of the Donald Trump-hosted Celebrity Apprentice. She was fired from the show two weeks prior to the finale. Later she appeared on the ‘Famously Single’ TV series where single celebrities move in together to solve their romantic problems.

Brandi Glanville also took part as a housemate in the Big Brother UK and Big Brother USA. However, she was evicted as the fourth and fifth houseguest respectively. She also competed in the cooking show ‘My Kitchen Rules’, with her friend Dean Sheremet. They finished third in the show.

Married Life

Brandi Glanville was married to Eddie Cibrian. Back then, Cibrian was a star of the TV shows Baywatch Nights and Sunset Beach. The couple met at a nightclub in Los Angeles. The marriage took place in 2001, a year and a half after Cibrian proposed her on New Year’s Eve in 1999. The marriage ceremony was held in Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles. The couple had two children: a son named Mason Edward and another son named Jake Austin.

The marriage lasted until 2009 after it was revealed that Eddie Cibrian had an affair with the country singer LeAnn Rimes. She was a co-star alongside him in the movie ‘Northern Lights’. The couple split up officially after their divorce in the year 2010.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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