Quick facts
Birth date 6 Sep, 1960
Age 59 yrs
Occupations American football player
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Youngstown
Education University of Iowa
Gender Male
Description American college football player, college football coach

Born in the year 1960 on the 9th of September, Robert Anthony Stoops or just Bob Stoops, as he is popularly known happens to be a former football coach for various popular American colleges. Bob had been the head coach for football for the famous University of Oklahoma from the year 1999 until the time he publicly announced that he was taking up retirement on the 7th of June in the year of 2017.

Personal Life

Bob happens to be one of the six children born to father Ron Sr. and to mother Evelyn Dee Dee Stoops in the beautiful town of Youngstown in the state of Ohio. Bob graduated in the year of 1978 from the Cardinal Mooney High School where Ron Sr. was a defensive coordinator for a long period of time for the school football team. Bob’s three brothers and Bob himself (Mark, Mike and Ron Jr.) were coached by their father Ron Sr. at the Cardinal Mooney High School.

In the year of 1988, the team had been under training by the coach Ron Sr. he began experiencing severe chest pains. After the game was over, Ron Sr. was put in an ambulance and died while on the way to hospital.

Bob himself was four-year starter and also a one time the All Big Ten selection achiever at the defensive back for the famous University of Iowa. He also happens to be the Most Valuable Player, popularly known as the MVP for the year of 1982.


After having completed his graduation in the year of 1983 in the field of a marketing degree, Bob began his career in football as a coach by being a volunteer and an assistant at Iowa Hawkeyes program under the watchful eye of Hayden Fry. He was then an assistant to Dick Crum in the year of 1988 at the Kent State University and then joined the staff of coaching at the Kansas State University the next year.

Bob had been named as the co-defensive coordinator for the state of Kansas under the supervision of Bill Snyder in the year of 1991 and then the assistant and head coach and the coordinator of defense in the year of 1995. Duding Bob’s time at Wildcats, Bob played a key position which lead to the team’s impressive win which brought the team from a dark light to a level of national recognition and appreciation.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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