Quick facts
Birth date 14 Nov, 1964
Age 55 yrs
Occupations News presenter
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Cincinnati
Education Miami University
Gender Male
Description Television-news anchor

Bill Hemmer was given birth to on the 14th day of November in the year 1964. The journalist was given birth to in Cincinnati, which is located in Ohio, in the United States of America. His birth name was William George Hemmer and his mother was formerly a teacher in a high school by the name Georganne Knittle. His father William R. Hemmer was formerly a Serta Matresses salesman. Here is a brief biography about him.


Hemmer graduated from Miami University which is the Oxford town of Ohio State. He bagged a Broadcast Journalism Bachelor of Arts degree from the University. Before attending the University, he attended Cincinnati’s Elder high school after attending a catholic parochial school by the name our Lady of Victory. He was a disc jockey while in high school and credits his period as a disc jockey for his motivation in broadcasting.

While in high school, He started a radio program alongside his friend which they often attended to before time for classes. The program entails playing of music for 15 minutes.

Early career

Hemmer worked at WMUB-FM and WOXY-FM as a disc jockey. He later began a NBC affiliate’s internship in Cincinnati.

In the mid-80s, he realized his hunger to be live on tv shows when he began to produce sports at WLWT-TV. He got this sports productive offer while still a student in the university.

When Bill Hemmer was 26, he travelled through a lot of countries including Eastern Europe, Israel, Egypt, India, Neptal, Vietnam and China when he took a hiatus which lasted for almost a year from CBS. During this hiatus he recorded tapes, took photographs and wrote dispatches for a local newspaper – The Cincinnati Post.

He consequently worked at CNN where he was a host and co-host for a number of programs including CNN Live Today, CNN Mornign News, CNN Early Edition, CNN Tonight and American Morning.

Sequel to the bombing on the 11th day of September, 2001, he reported for about a month from the New York City where he covered events from the World Trade Center. He also covered the American forces build up, in the War on Terror’s early days from Khandahar, which is located in Afghanistan. He covered the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombings as well as the 2000 presidential election in the United States of America at Florida.

Other places he covered while working at CNN include Vatican City in 2005 when Pope John Paul II died, Republican and Democratic Conventions, Operation Iraq Freedom in 2003.

He started working with Fox News in the year 2005, in the month of August. He has also reported a good number of stories while working with this station. Recently, he was the anchor and lead reporter for the tragic Newwtown Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. In April 2013, healso covered the bombing of Boston Marathon.


He won 2 regional Emmys – The Best Host and Best Entertainment Program from the hiatus which was tagged Bill’s Excellent Adventure. He also got an Emmy Award for his coverage of the Atlanta 96 Olympic bombing while working at CNN.

Personal life

Bill Hemmer has never been married. He has a height of 5 feet 8 inches, an annual salary of about $400,000 and a net worth of $3,000,000. He was engaged to Dara Tomanovich until 2014. He was quoted to have said he has not found a wife as he does not want to get married and later divorce.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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