You probably know her from several TV shows. It is possible that you know her face but may not know the person behind it. So, read on to learn more about Bianca Kajlich in this short biography.

Early Days

She was born in the city of Seattle to an Italian mother and Slovakian father. She would go on to do her education in the state of Washington and it was during this time that the performer in her started to blossom. Bianca has always been fascinated by the arts so it was only natural that she would get into something related to it.

Her first interaction with the arts was, believe it or not, ballet. Over a seven-year period, the actress learnt and excelled in ballet. This led to her performing as the lead in many productions. This is where she developed a sense of grace, discipline and tenacity. Ballet had taught her so much but after a period of time, she was looking for something else. That would be acting

Acting: The Early Years

As fate would have it, her break in the field of acting came early and it proved to be a blessing for her. She was first noticed in the short-lived TV show, Freaks And Geeks. This was succeeded by her appearing in numerous films and TV shows without truly catching a break. That would arrive with season 6 of Dawson's Creek.

Bianca had a recurring role as Natasha Kelly and that would be the role that got her some mainstream attention. Having appeared in a hit show, she started to work more frequently for the small screen. She had on of the leads in the sitcom Rock Me Baby. While the show did not last more than a season, her talent hadn't gone unnoticed.

The Big Break

Her ability to portray a variety of characters meant that more people wanted to work with her. This led to her appearing in a few television films which eventually led to her big break in 2007 with the launch of her new sitcom, Rules Of Engagement. Over seven seasons, she was part of a show that consistently had good numbers. Even though she was part of an ensemble, her comic timing shone through and made her stand out from the rest of the cast. Over this seven-year period, she would go on to enjoy her greatest success as an actress.

Personal Life

While she has been someone who likes to keep her personal life private, it proved to be a little difficult when she was married to the star of the American soccer team. Landon Donovan the former LA Galaxy player got married to Bianca in the year 2006.

Though there was a lot of media attention given to them, the couple liked to keep things low profile. But alas the happy couple would eventually separate and apply for divorce in the year 2010. Bianca would get married after she found love in the form of radio personality, Michael Catherwood, whom she married in 2012. The couple has since had their first child.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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