Benjamin Flores Jr. happens to be an actor who is of American origin aside from being a rap artist and celebrated child actor. Popular by the name of Lil’ P-Nut, Benjamin is famous for his record named “You Might Be the One” which was released in the year of 2011 in the month of September.

His parents are Tyisha Hampton and Father Benjamin Flores the senior. He is now 14 years of age.

Personal Life

In his younger days, Benji who was a singer and a child actor made his first appearance on planet Earth in 2002 on July the 24th. He used to live in Tennessee in Memphis but later moved to the South of California to pursue his career in the Hollywood. Information regarding his Parents or their career is unknown to the public and neither is his family history. Information pertaining to his siblings too is unknown. Benji completed his middle school in 2016 in the month of May.

Benji is single and not much is known about his private life considering he is a young teenage boy still. Benji has a very busy schedule which does not allow him to have any girlfriends or any affairs with women. Benji is straight and is currently a resident in a posh neighborhood in the South of California.

Benji has curly hair and a kind face. He is 5 feet tall and weighs not more than 50 kgs. Benji has black eyes and black hair. Also, Benji has quite a healthy fan following on social media including the famous phot sharing website known as Instagram. He is making sincere efforts to be a part of a wonderful career in his life.


Benjamin is not only an established child actor but also a popular rap artist who gained fame for giving his voice to the penguin who raps in the kid’s film named Happy Feet Two by the name of Atticus who happens to be a penguin. Benji also gained a lot of applause for his acting in Nickelodeon’s series on television named Santa Hunters and One Crazy Cruise. Further in the year of 2014, Benji portrayed the character of Morris the kid for the movie Ride Along which was of he comedy genre. Benji began his rap career under the pseudonym Lil’ P-Nut and released his first hit song named “You Might be The One”.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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