Quick facts
Birth date 3 Mar, 1970
Age 49 yrs
Occupations Weather presenter
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place New York City
Education Syracuse University
Mississippi State University
Gender Female
Description American weather presenter

A renowned and distinguished meteorologist named Audrey Puente drew the first breath on 3th March in the year 1970. Then, she was born in New York City. Her father was Tito Puente, a famous drummer and singer of a Latin descent. Namely, she, as well as her father, has Puerto Rican roots. Concerning other her family ties, she is a sister of the presently famous singer Tito Puente, Jr.


Concerning this piece of Audrey Puente’s biography, there is no information about where she obtained the high school education. However, her subsequent study achievements suggest that she has done more than enough in this field. At the beginning, she enrolled in the Syracuse University, located in New York, and majored Speech Communication there (she received a Bachelor’s degree in this field). At the Mississippi State University, Audrey Puente obtained a Master’s degree in Geosciences. In the meantime, she also attended weather and climate classes at the Hunter College.

Career Experience

In the middle of the 1990s, Audrey Puente began her career of the meteorologist by working at the WTGS and WJLC TV stations, both located in Georgia’s Savannah. There, she obtained the first work experience and went on to improve professionally. She finally landed at the WNBC station, affiliated with the NBC Network. Since 1999, she had worked there up to 2007 and gained a lot of valuable experience that later helped her. In particular, she proved herself as a professional weather anchor at the channel, and this prompted WWOR-TV station to offer her job after Audrey Puente was replaced by John Elliott.

At the beginning of 2007, Audrey Puente joined the WWOR-TV, a channel affiliated with the MyNetworkTV and based in New Jersey. She immediately became the channel’s chief meteorologist and started present weather forecasts during daily evening newscasts. She had worked so for 6 years, and she had to quit the channel in 2013. This was caused by the simple reason that the channel’s management decided to remove its evening newscasts from the schedule.

Audrey Puente, however, did not lose anything because of it. On the contrary, she received an offer from Fox Broadcasting Company to join WNYW, the main channel of the Fox. This way, she has been working on the channel since 2013 up to now. While she has worked at the various channels, Audrey Puente has also appeared sometimes in “The Early Show”, broadcasted by CBS. She is really a working bee, and so her net worth, which is believed to be around $3 million, appears like a natural thing. The salary of Audrey Puente, however, is not disclosed to the public.

Personal life

Even though Audrey Puente has been silent on the majority of topics that refer to her personal life, she has said several things during the interviews with her. In 2004, she got married to Jay Thompson. The talented meteorologist also confessed that she and her husband have three children: two daughters and one son. The most recently child of theirs, a daughter named Lola Jaye, was born in 2010. A boy named Mateo Jay and a girl named Santana were born in 2007 and 2005 respectively.



Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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