Audrey Botti is an American blogger, writer, speaker, runner and railroad-track explorer. Audrey's social profile rose significantly when she began dating Little People, Big World star, Jeremy Roloff. They eventually tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their first child three years later.

Early Life and Education

Audrey was born on the 19th of July 1991 in Portland, Oregon. She attended Sunset high school and went on to attend college at Brooks Institute, where she graduated with a degree in business (majoring in business and entrepreneurship). Growing up Audrey had a fascination for ballet, skiing, swimming and running. Influenced by the dad, Dan Botti, Audrey began running as a kid, and sustained her passion for running till she got into college where she captained the Oregon State Beavers. Audrey also ran cross-country at Oregon State University.

Career and Business Venture

Audrey has a huge fascination for blogging and her blog AujPoj is one of her favorite pastimes. AujPoj is a lifestyle blog with content covering fitness, travel, relationships, faith and other interests. Audrey also runs e-commerce activities on the site, selling accessories, fashion and beauty products.

But Audrey is also on a mission: aiding the sustainability of covenant marriages. Audrey together with her husband, Jeremy, manage the Beating 50 Percent website, the vehicle for facilitating their mission of aiding couples give more than 50% to each other as well as the restoration of traditional marital values.

In 2016, Audrey became a fashion entrepreneur, launching her fashion line, Always More. Audrey's motivation is driven by a desire to inspire women to always believe in their innate wealth of potentials.

Rise to Fame

Audrey’s rise to fame began with her affair with Jeremy Roloff. It got sustained by her marriage to him and became consolidated by her role in the popular television series Little People, Big World.

With over 750,000 followers on Instagram, 40,000 followers on Twitter, and 200,000 followers on Facebook, Audrey has a huge presence on social media. Audrey is also known to dish out personal details of her romantic affair with Jeremy on social media.

Added to her social adeptness, Audrey's marriage to a famous Jeremy Roloff and by extension her relationship with reality TV star Matthew Roloff (Her father in-law) has significantly boosted her social status. Although Matthew Roloff ended his marriage to his former wife, Amy, in 2016, Audrey's marriage to his son, Jeremy has continued to grow strong. With more than 17,000 followers, Audrey also has a strong presence on Pinterest.

Personal Life

Audrey has been married to Jeremy Roloff since 2014. They welcomed their first child last year, a baby girl, Ember Jean Roloff.


Nearly every celebrity has their own share of controversies and Audrey has not been an exception. Audrey's conservative views have always brought her into collision with the more liberal. Two years ago, Audrey came under serious criticism after supposedly taking a swipe at her LGBTQ fans. Audrey was alleged to have replied a fan on Spirits Wander for what was taken as a swipe at same-sex marriages.

Last Modified: May 14, 2018

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