Quick facts
Birth date 6 Mar, 1988
Age 31 yrs
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Great Falls
Education Syracuse University
James Madison University
Gender Female


Iaconetti’s Biography

Ashley Iaconetti, an American screen goddess, and journalist is quite famous for her roles on various television series such as The Bachelor, The Bachelor in Paradise as well as The Bachelor Winter Games. She has also featured in other movies such as It’s Better with Brain of 2017 and Fall Out Boy: Champion of 2017 as well. According to a wiki source, she was born on the 6th day of March 1998, which puts her age at 30! The actress was born in Great Falls, Virginia, United States. This, therefore, places her nationality as an American of English and Italian origins. She is also reported to have a sister named Lauren Iaconetti. Having graduated from Langley High school as well as James Madison University, she became a masters degree holder from Syracuse University where she majored in Broadcasting and Digital Journalism. AShley, therefore, is highly equipped and versatile in the field of broadcasting and journalism which equally accounts for her recorded success so far. On the subject of success, her first television appearance was on the 19th season of the series, The Bachelor, in 2015 where she contested with Chris Soules. Laconetti was subsequently featured in seasons 2 and 3 of Bachelor in Paradise further establishing her as a familiar figure in television series. Also, 2018 has her featured in The Bachelor of Winter Games in which she became the first winner of the season with Kevin Wendt.

Added to Ashley's acting career is her journalism and broadcasting profession in which she has done equally well for herself. On 'Access Hollywood' and 'Clevver TV', she worked as a correspondent as well as an effective part and a co-host of several other television shows. Having carved a niche for herself in the media industry, she has established her company for the production of videos. The company is named E&S Media Creations with exquisite and efficient equipment to aid the production of pleasant and visually appealing videos for the enormous television audience. The camera used in her company is acclaimed more capable compared to HD.

What’s her relationship status?

Having been a part of The Bachelor television series, Laconetti has been reported with a few botched relationships. While on the series of Bachelor in Paradise, she was reported to have been in a relationship with Wells Adams in the third season as well as the ex-lover of Ben Higgins. However, in the month of March of 2018, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon began to date. Haibon who was also a cast on the second season of Bachelor in Paradise proposed to the diva, Iaconetti in June 2018 with the arrangements for a wedding in August of 2019. The engaged couple resides in West Hollywood, California.

How much is Iaconetti worth?

Her company which is a gradual success records a total of $20,548 per annum for an employee while she makes $110,000 for herself in her journalism career annually. However, she is recorded to be worth a considerable $500,000.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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