Ashleigh Lathrop has been a U.S. actress whose place of birth and date of birth are not known. She is famous for the TV shows Sirens (2014) and You’re So Talented (2015), and the film Fifty Shades Darker (2017). She has received several awards and nominations during her short and budding career.

She had been nominated for Joseph Jefferson Non-Equity Award in 2014 for Supporting Actress in a Play named “Motortown” in the Steep Theatre Company, Chicago, Illinois. She was again nominated for the same award in 2015, but for Principal Role in another Play called “Balm in Gilead” in the Griffin Theatre Company. She and her co-stars in “Balm in Gilead” had also been nominated for Joseph Jefferson Non-Equity Award for Ensemble in 2015 at the same theatre company.

Personal Life

Nothing is known about his place of birth. Also, nobody knows about her parents or his siblings. She has kept the information secret till now. Much is not known about her early life, too. However, when at 3, she wished to become a ballerina doctor, and at 8, she dreamed of becoming a paediatrician. She changed her thought again and again. At the age of thirteen, she wished becoming a neurosurgeon, and at 17, a psychologist. However, she was destined to become an actress. She loves dancing, cooking, and reading books. She enjoys the company of her family members.

Like many details about her life, her marital status has also not been divulged, and in all probability, she is still single. By now, nothing is known about any relationship or affairs with anyone as she has kept her private life a guarded secret so far. She is beautiful and attractive, and has numerous fans, but perhaps, she has not met the right person as yet. There is also no rumours and gossips about her relationships. It is expected that her blossoming career would lead her to a grand personal life.

She has not married as yet, and hence, has not divorced anyone.


During her childhood, she dreamt of several professions, but finally decided to join acting. She acted in movies, appeared in TV shows, and performed in theatres. The films in which she acted include The View from Tall, Uncle John, and Fifty Shades Darker. So far as her TV appearances are concerned, she acted in Sirens, You’re So talented, and Misfits. She also appeared as a guest star in the TV show Bines. However, it was only after she acted in films that she became famous and popular.

There was a rumour regarding her career that she would be cast for a remake of the TV show Misfits, and later, it came true. Ashleigh Lathrop is very active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She has more than 1K followers each on Instagram and Twitter. Presently, like many of her personal details, her salary and net worth is not known. Nowhere in her biography or social media there is a mention of her net worth or her salary.

Last Modified: Dec 19, 2018

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