Antawn Jamison is a 6 feet 9 inches tall African American Antwan Jamison is a former Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association(NBA), and currently works as a television pundit for the Lakers team.

Personal Life

As documented in a biography of his, Antawns’ full name is Antawn Cortez Jamison, born in Shreveport in the state of Louisiana on 12th June 1976 41 years ago. His parents’ names are Albert and Kathy Jamison and he has 2 siblings Albert Jr and Latosha Jamison.

Growing up, Antawn attended Quail Hollow Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina where he was an athlete playing as a quarterback as well as a basketball player but chose to focus on the latter when he joined Providence High school in Charlotte earning an All-American award in his senior year. After high school he joined the University of North Carolina and pursued a degree in African and Afro American studies, he dropped out on his final year but came back to earn his Bachelors in 1999 graduating thereafter.

Jamison is a married man and together with his wife Rucker Jamison they have four children from their 15 years of marriage named Antawn Jamison junior, Rucker Jamison, Kathryn Elizabeth and Alexis Jamison. Despite being a public figure Jamison has managed to keep his personal life out of the limelight.


Jamison’s professional basketball career began in 1998, having dropped out of college to make himself eligible for the 1998 NBA draft. He was a fourth-round pick for the Toronto Raptors who later made a deal with California based franchise the Golden State Warriors to make an exchange for all-time great shooting guard and small forward Vince Carter.

For the next five years until the 2003 season Jamison averaged 24 points per game being a career high for him and during his stay with the Warriors he twice scored 51 points in back to back games enabling his team wins against The Lakers and Seattle. In the draft season of 2003 Jamison was traded to Texas team Dallas Mavericks together with nine of his playing colleagues. He stayed with the Dallas team for a year which turned out to be his most successful earning 52 wins and 30 losses for the season and playing in the playoffs against the Sacramento Kings who were the eventual winners of the series.

At the end of the season Jamison was off again this time to the Washington wizards playing for six years with them and later got drafted to play for Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010. During his stay at the Ohio team he broke a finger and contemplated retirement. He went on to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers before eventually retiring with a point total of 20000 points in his NBA career. After retirement he became a television pundit for the Los Angeles Laker till date. From his career, Jamison has amassed a net worth of $60 million and he is a philanthropist.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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