Anna Catherine Stanly is a netballer for the team of New Zealand and has been a captain for the Ne Zealand’s national team (also known as the Silver Ferns) which won them the 2003 championships for which ere held in Jamaica.


Anna has been widely appreciated for having led the famous Silver Ferns to an awe-inspiring series in which they defeated Australia (first time since the year of 1989) in the winter games of the year 2004, and then further played for Auckland Diamonds for the National Bank Cup which was a national League game in the year 2004 and also in the year 2005.

Anna happens to be the daughter of former player of New Zealand and had surprisingly not played the senior provincial for netball after having been sent for her international debut which was to be played against Jamaica in the year of 1994. After Anna’s career took a downward turn and reached the lowest point when she had been sidelined by the selectors for about 18 months, Anna was recalled in the year 2002.

Anna holds a reputation among the netball circles and is appreciated for being an excellent athlete and especially for her spread across the court and her trademark style of bullet pass.

Further down the years, Anna represented the Otago of Canterbury and then Auckland in the country of New Zealand for it’s locally held netball league. Next in the year 2004, Anna was struck with a knee injury amidst of the Silver Ferns’ series of clean weep which they won over long time arch rivals, the Aussies. Next in the year 2005, after having underwent through several months of rehabilitation, Anna made a comeback to the Silver Ferns in the month of October and was also a part of the team that won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in the year of 2006 held in march.

After the arrival of the National Bank Cup series for the year of 2006, Anna made an announcement to the public that she is pregnant and would be seeking a retirement from professional netball to giving her complete time and energy towards building and taking care of her family which brought to an end, her colorful and illustrious career. It was further announced in the year of 2007 that Anna would be participating in the New Zealand league for netball but she did not make an appearance in that season.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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