Ann Cowherd is an American best known to be married to Colin Cowherd. Colin Cowherd works on ESPN. Little information on the biography of Ann before meeting Colin can be found but the two were married before and they divorced their partners.

Ann is believed to have over 1 million dollars from her work. His husband has a net worth over 14 million dollars. Since she continues with her works, her net worth will also increase.

For her husband, Colin started his broadcasting career in the city of Las Vegas found in KVBC. He continued to further his own career when he became a sports anchor. This was before working at ESPN since 2003. He is the host of different shows at ESPN radio and he has a television program called Sports Nation. He was also the host of other shows like Speak for Yourself, Fox Sports and The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Before working for Fox Sports, Colin made at statement on the players of Dominican Republic and it led to the end of his contract. ESPN suspended him and said that they decided to cut the ties with him because of such remarks. He also became on fire when he made the sexist comment on Kristine Leahy during one of his interviews.

From the time that Colin was still young, he wanted to marry and said that he does not feel well when he is surrounded by many women. He does not talk too much about his marriage and his first wife was Kimberly Ann Vadala who is a model. They got married in the year 1996 and they got two children. They divorced after being together for 10 years. He does not talk too much about the divorce but that Kimberly was mean and wanted to control every aspect of the marriage. After the divorce, they split the assets.

Ann also got married before and from the marriage, she has four children. She does not like also talking too much about her first marriage.

Colin and Ann met because of a mutual friend in the city of Las Vegas. Colin and Ann dated for some time and they got married. Together they have six children but they are yet to give birth to their own children. Colin said that his wife is too supportive of him and she even installed the gym equipment in the basement to help him to work in their homes. This is because the two are very concerned about health and fitness. The two are happy together and they have no rumors that surround their marriage. They live in the mansion of 3 million.

Ann does not like to talk about her life too much and she wants to keep their live private. She is not available on social media. However, his husband has many social media page and he likes to comment at National Basketball Association or NBA during the playoffs.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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