A business woman and a popular reality star, Angela Simmons is a public personality who is a national of the United States of America. She gained fame for making an appearance on the popular tv series Run’s House. She also happens to be the daughter of the popular hip-hop artist Rev who is a legend in his own right.

Personal Life

Born to Valerie Vaughn who is the mother and Joseph Simmons who is the father, Angela was born in the year of 1987 on the 18th of September. Born and raised in Queens in the New York in the united Sates of America, Angela was raised alongside Joseph Simmons Jr. who is her brother and Vanessa Simmons who is her sister. Angela’s father happens to be the co-founder of Run-DMC which is an extremely popular and internationally acclaimed group. Angela spent her childhood and early years in extreme wealth and also fame due to her father’s work. Naturally, she garnered an interest in modelling very early in her life.

To achieve her dream of becoming one of the most revered fashion designer, Angela signed up for the Fashion Institute of Technology where she later dropped out of after studying there for over an year. The reason for her dropping out was that she wanted to try her luck in the world of business.


Angela began her occupation by having appeared on Run’s House alongside all her family members and is on whole an American reality tv series. As a result of her extreme beauty and an appreciable figure, Angela opted to become a model. She also featured in a music video by Bow Wow called Shortie Like Mine. She also went on to open a footwear shop which was her own called the Pastry Footwear while partnering with Vanessa Simmons who is her older sister in the year of 2007 on the 23rd of March.

Further in the year of 2015, Angela made a debut in the role of a fashion designer with her very own faux fur line which was called the Foofi and Bella. She later filled in the role of an executive producer for Growing Up Hip Hop which is a tv show in the year of 2016. In that show, she made an appearance alongside famous actors including Egypt Criss, Boogie Dash, Kristina DeBarge and TJ Mizell and it gained an extreme amount of popularity.

Last Modified: 07 Jul, 2018

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