Quick facts
Birth date 29 Oct, 1987
Age 32 yrs
Occupations American football player
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Katy
Education Katy High School
Gender Male
Description American football player, quarterback

Andy Dalton is a football player from the United States of America who plays as the quarterback for the team called Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League popularly known as the NFL. Prior to that, Andy played football in college at the university of Christian Texas popularly know \n as the TCU. The Cincinnati Bengals decided to select him in the second round for the NFL draft in the year of 2011.

Personal Life

Born in Texas at Katy in the year of 1987 on the 29th of October, Dalton is the son of mother Tina Denise (Payne) Alton and father Gregory Jerome Dalton. Dalton developed a liking for football at a very young age. Dalton has a mixed ethnicity and heritage which includes English and various other roots.

Dalton went on to attend the Katy High School at Katy in Texas. Dalton divided his time playing as a junior in the year of 2004 and then started playing as a quarterback full fledge for his high school in the year of 2005. Dalton later became a student of the Texas Christian university popularly known as the TCU.


Dalton was honored with the title of MVP also known as the most valuable player for the TCU’s victory of 20-13 over Houston in the year of 2007. On the 29th of April in the year of 2011, the Cincinnati Bengals recruited Andy for the round 2 in the total of 35 for the NFL draft of 2011. Andy’s first star for the season came on the fateful day in 2011 on the September the 11th against Cleveland Browns. On the 3rd November in 2011, Andy was named the NFL Offensive Rookie for the month of October. During his season, Andy became the first quarterback in the history of NFL who was not drafted in the first round to start all of the 16 games as a rookie in that season.

During the year of 2012 at the Pro Bowl, Andy threw a staggering 99 yards for 2 touchdowns at a passer rating of 152.1. At the 2012 season, Andy along with the Bengals defeated the Houston Texans for the round of wild card at the NFL playoffs in 2013 on the 5th of January.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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