A reputed producer, an author and a radio jockey by profession, Andy Cohen is a national of the United Sates of America. Andy has attained a lot of fame for being a host of the nocturnal series by the name of Watch What Happens Live with hos Andy Cohen. Andy is mainly popular for being one of the first hosts of American talk shows who came out openly as gay. Andy also happens to be a part of The Real Housewives of which he is the executive producer.

Personal Life

Born in the year of 1968, in the month of June the 2nd, Andy was born in the state of Missouri in the historic city of St. Louis in the United Sates of America. His father is Lou Cohen and mother Evelyn Cohen. Not much is known about his early years to the public. Although, it is known that Andy was a student of Clayton High School and he achieved his High School Degree in the year of 1986.

In the later years, Andy attained a degree in the field of broadcast journalism for Bachelor of Science degree from the famous University of Boston.


Beginning as an intern at the CBS news network, Andy was an employee there for a period of 10 years. Due to his vast experience in this field, Andy is now the senior producer for CBS This Morning and 48 hours. Furthermore, he has been a part of the show called Bravo in the year 2004 at the time when that network had purchased the Trio. Andy has also worked as a co-host for Live! With Kelly and also The View.

Andy has also had the honor of being a host of Miss Universe pageant in the country of Russia. Though unfortunately, Andy could not go to Russia due to the country’s laws against people of Gay orientation. Andy had previously been a host for Miss USA in the year of 2011 and the year 2012, also 2013 and Miss Universe for 2100 and the year of 2012.

Andy had also been in the music video “GUY” performed by Lady Gaga. Andy is the founder and also the host of his radio channel on the platform SiriusXM by the name of Radio Andy. There is speculation that Andy earns a sum of 2 million US Dollars. His total net worth is about 15 million US dollars.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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