Andrea Schroder was born in Canada on January 31, 1972. She is famous because of the fact that she is married to Ricky Schroder who is a well known and successful film director and actor. He is famous for his debut in the film The Champ released in the year 1979, when he was just seven years old. Therefore it is not surprising that Andrea is much talked about as the wife of Ricky. However, there is no denying the fact that Andrea too looks extremely good.

However, when her biography is written, Andrea will be known more for her being the wife of Ricky Schroder than anything else. Anyways let us try and look at the life and achievements of Andrea for the benefit of her fans. She has many because of her stunning looks and sexy appearance.

Early Life

Andrea was born and raised in Canada and she belongs to a large family. She was an artist in her own right when she was young. It is believed that as a young lady, Andrea spent her time painting her room, stitching vintage clothes, stitching drapes and doing other such artistic things. There isn’t any reliable information about her schooling and education.

Personal Life

Andrea got married to her lover and heart throb Ricky Schroder when she was just eighteen years old. The marriage happened in 1990 and since then both Andrea and Schroder have been leading a very happy and contented married life. There is no room for any misunderstanding between them in their personal life and they are blissfully married to say for the past 17 years.

Net Worth

The net worth of Andrea is not known $8 million dollars and it is set to go up and this will be hers for sure.


The career graph of Andrea Schroder has nothing significant to show because she has always preferred to be the wife of Ricky Schroder. But she is talented and must have secretly helped her husband behind the scenes.

Last Modified: 14 May, 2018

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