Andrea Grymes is a reporter and an anchor born in the city of Queens in United States in the year 1984 but she grew in the city of Long Island and in Texas. She is a celebrity person since she appears at the CBS2 News TV Channel. She is a live reporter who reported about the attack of 9/11 in the city of US. She is the fan for the NYC. In addition of the correspondent life she is undertaking, she is also known to love country music.

According to her biography, Andrea Grymes joined her own career like a reporter on the News 12 Network in the year 2006. She started to love Journalist when she was only 16 years old. It was when she did morning announcements at the television station of her school.

She worked on different stories such as the sentencing of Bernie Madoff, the trip of Pope Benedict in NY. Andrea anchored alone on Best Morning Newscast Emmy Award. After working at the center for more than 12 years, she started to work at CBS2. It was as a reporter and a broadcaster. Before, she worked at WYNW-TV in the city of New York. It was at Fox News Channel and this is where she worked as intern when she was still in the college. She finished her studies at Methodist University found in Dallas and she did have a double major in the journalism and in political science.

Andrea Grymes is said to be married with children, but she never talk about the name of her children and that of her husband. No information available about the family and she does not talk if she had any divorce before or not. She is said to have four siblings, they are Irene, Stephanie, John and Laura.

Andrea Grymes is beautiful and she had been working like a journalist for a long period. It is believed she had made enough money and she may be a millionaire by now. However, the exact amount she is making and how much she has a net worth, it is not something available online.

Andrea Grymes has a slim body and she has an average height. She is available on Twitter; it is @AndreaGrymesTV while her facebook account is AndreaGrymesTV.

Andrea Grymes finished her schooling as magna cum laude and it was at Southern Methodist University found at Dallas. She reported live when she reported from the white House and from US capitol. Besides reporting about politics, she also talked about the Mets 2015 playoff run, Amatrak Derailment and the capture of a bombing suspect in Seaside Height and in Chelsea. During her off time from anchoring or chasing some of her stories, she listens to the country music, exploring of the city of New York, or having a good time with her friends, family and husband.

Last Modified: 04 Jun, 2018

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