Ana Kasparian is known in the world by her profession of being a great writer, speaker, and a political guru. She is also the host of a news talk show, which is produced by her.

Personal Life

According to her biography, Ana Kasparian took birth in the vicinity of Northridge, located in the state California’s city of Los Angeles, with the name Anahit Misak Kasparian, given to her. She is an American national by birth as she was born in the United States but her parents emigrated from Armenia and she was brought up speaking Armenian. She learned English by watching “Sesame Street” when she was a child.

Ana loved to dance as a kid and she performed ballet professionally, when she was a little girl! She completed her high school at The Valley Alternative Magnet High School of Van Nuys in the year 2004. Kasparian then received her Bachelor of Arts degree in the subject of journalism, in the year 2007, from the California State University of Northridge. Her further education includes a master’s degree in political science which she received in 2010.

Ana got engaged to the very famous baseball player of the Minor League, Christian Lopez, who also worked as an actor and a model, in the October of 2015. The proposal from her long-term boyfriend happened at a competition of pumpkin carving. They both couldn’t decide on a date for their wedding as they both had such tight schedules so they decided to elope and marry each other in secret in late 2015.

They had an official ceremony in the September of 2016 which was officiated by her colleague, Cenk Uygur. Ana has very distinctive and broad-minded views about many topics like financial and criminal system reform. She is an atheist and she promotes equal rights for all.


Ana Kasparian wanted to pursue a career in journalism after she got inspired by the show “ABC 20/20” and after her graduation, she joined the CBS Radio for the job of an assistant producer where she managed both “KFWB” and “KNF”. However, she soon realized that she didn’t want to continue working in the mainstream news media and after she received her master’s degree she went to work for “AOL News”.

The turning point in Ana’s career as a journalist came when she was offered a fill-in job as a host for the show “The Young Turks”, in 2007, which is sponsored by the Sirius XM Satellite Radio. She liked the job as it allowed her to express her opinion and it was not something mundane.

After that, Kasparian stepped up to co-host the show for a longer period of time along with Cenk Uygur. She weaved her way into doing air-segments and after gaining a stable ground she became a producer for the show. She always wanted to inspire younger people to the read news so she also hosted the “TYT University” segment of the show. Other than that, Ana has also hosted the “The Point” segment of the show which ended in 2016.

She is also working as a lecturer in the California State University, from 2013, where she teaches journalism to the students. Kasparian’s net worth is estimated to be around 2 million American dollars.

Last Modified: 09 Mar, 2018

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