Amy Roloff is known as a short person but this cannot stop her against achieving the dream she had. Amy Roloff is the star of Little People, Big World and she was married to Matt Roloff. They divorced in the year 2016 and each one of them moved on and started to see other people. Amy dated a new boyfriend for a year and he was called Chris Marek. The ex husband and the new boyfriend had already met with one another and they get along well.

Matt also started to date a new woman called Caryn Chandelier and she was the manager at Roloff Farms. They started to date in 2017. These couples ran in one another when they were at the art show of the fiancé of Jacob, their son. It is found near Abbey Creek Vineyard and Winery, at Portland, in Oregon.

From her biography, her marriage to Matt Roloff took place in 1987. Matthew Roloff is known as the best producer and a famous actor. They have children who are now grown up. Their first children were Jeremy James Roloff and Zachary Luke Roloff. They are twins born in the year 1990. Afterwards, they got Molly Jo Roloff in the year 1993 and then Jacob Roloff in 1997.

Even if the couple had four children with over twenty six years of being together, they end up divorcing one another. Chris, the new boyfriend of Amy is a photographer who became a real estate agent. Chris is of an average height compared to Matt.

Amy Roloff works as an actress and a producer. The notable works she had was in the Little People, Big World, Access Hollywood and Teen Idol. Even if she does not talk too much about how much she makes, it is believed that she lives a sophisticated life and the net worth of her ex husband is over 4.5 million dollars.

Amy Roloff was born in the year 1964, in the city of Michigan in USA. Her parents are Patricia Knight and Gordon Knight. She was born as Amy Jo Knight and her height is 4feet with 2 inches. She graduated at Central Michigan University.

Amy Roloff appeared at Little People, Big World. This is a reality television series which started in 2006 and it was appearing at TLC. The series is about the lives of her family where they live in Portland, of Oregon. Most of the series were about Amy and Matt, and Zach, the three people in the family who suffer dwarfism. The season ended in the year 2010 but the show continued with some specials. These specials were Welcome to the jungle, Breaking Down the Walls and Conquering Mount St Helens. The second season started in 2013 and ended in 2015. The show is on for a third season and it premiered in the year 2016.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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