Amelia Warner was born in the year 1982and she is an actress and also a musician who performed with Slot Moving Millie. She was born as Amelia Catherine Bennett in the city of Merseyide in United Kingdom. She is an only child to Alun Lewis and Annette Ekblom. She has a paternal uncle called Hywel Bennett and he is an actor.

She started to act when she was in the youth theatre group known as Royal Court. She also starred in the 2000 BBC Lorna Doone adaption and she had the supporting role in many films like Stoned and Aeon Flux.

In the year 2015, she released an EP called Arms. In the year 2016, Amelia started to score films roles by playing in Mum’s List and then in Mary Shelley. She worked on the stage with Slow Moving Millie and she refused to continue performing when she found out she does not like performing on the stage too much. She then started to release the album and played for the cinema. In the year 2017, she released the second EP which is called Visitors and it was under her name.

Amelia Warner started the music career in the year 2009 and she wrote and also performed a song called Beasts. This was under the name of the Slow Moving Millie found with Virgin Media television. The track had been released in the year 2009. The second single called Rewind City, had been used for also another advertisement under Orange UK and the director was Ringan Ledwidge. In the year 2011, Warner did sign the record deal together with the Island Records. She covered for The Smiths song called Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want. It was released in the eyar 2011 and it got selected like the soundtrack for Christmas advertisement of John Lewis. After releasing her album called Renditions, she composed the music for the adverts and also short films.

From her biography, Amelia Warner was in the relationship with Colin Farrell in the year 2000 and in November 2001. Afterwards, she met a Northern Irish actor and the model called Jamie Dornan. They got engaged in the year 2012 and they got married in the year 2013. She is a mother of two daughters.

When it comes to her career, Amelia Warner is somehow under the shadow of her husband who performed in Fifty Shades. Their marriage was under rumors that it was about to end in divorce, because of the hot sex, her husband had on screen with another actress; however Amelia Warner dispelled the rumors saying that their marriage is still stronger. Amelia said that nothing that changed in their lives, but now they have children and they live in the city of Cotswolds and not London. They like to live away of all the city hype.

Last Modified: 29 May, 2018

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