Amber Evangeline Valletta is an American model and actress who was born on February 9, 1974. She has turned her 44th year. She is five feet and nine inches tall. She is very recognized in the fashion industry. She began her acting career from comedy movie Drop Back Ten in 2000. She played Allegra Cole in the 2005 film Hitch which was widely known in the world and also featured in Dead Silence and Gamer.

Before she made it to fame, she worked as an international model and had nabbed her first of the many American Vogue covers when was just 18 years old. Generally, she has acted in 19 Hollywood films. Amber loves acting so much that she is said to have moved her coach to tears with her talent. She featured in many campaign advertisements such as DKNY, Chanel and Prada. She is better known for her support in environmental issues in addition to being an actress.

Amber was born in Phoenix and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she currently lives. She came from a humble background with her ethnicity overlapping between Italian, Portuguese and Cherokee origins. Her ethnicity is attributed to her father being of two descents, that is, from Italy and Portugal, while her mother is of Cherokee ancestry. Her mother, named, Theresa Malaby used to work at post office. Her best friend is Shalom Harlow, who is her fellow model.

Education and Career

Theresa, her mother managed to enroll her at Linda Layman Agency at her 15th year of age. This was modeling school. Afterwards, Amber moved to Europe for modeling at seventeen. She later appeared in the first of sixteen American vogue covers at eighteen. She proceeded to being a supermodel and in turn signing Calvin Klein’s and Elizabeth Arden’s multimillion-dollar cosmetics contracts. She has also hosted MTV Show in television along with one of her best friend and fellow model Shalom Harlow. This show, named ‘House of Style’ was aired from 1995 to 1996. She did a comedy movie titled "Drop Back Ten" in 2000. It featured her as Allegra Cole in Andy Tennant's romantic comedy "Hitch" in 2005. This movie made her very successful.


In her life, Amber had two marital relationships consecutively. First she had gotten married to Hervé Le Bihan in 1994. Their meeting point was at Calvin Klein photo shoot way back in 1994. Afterwards, they began their love affair for few months and committed to marital vows. Their happiness in the marriage ended two years after spending together with each other. They terminated their marriage and divorced in 1996.

Until that time, they had not had children together. She later committed to marital vows again to Chip McCaw. McCaw was the father of her child she had conceived in 2003. Their affair was on for several years before it came to a dead end. Just like her first marriage, her second marriage also collapsed. They ended their marriage after 12 years and got divorced in the early 2015 due to lack of mutual understanding.

Last Modified: 14 May, 2018

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