Amanda Drury was born in Melbourne Australia. She graduated from "University of Melbourne" where she received a degree in Japanese, French and fine arts; she also went to "Australian film, television and radio school"; she is an Australian journalist and News Anchor for CNBC, she hosts business and finance programming from New York City.

She also co-hosts in "Street Signs" and has worked in a lot of CNBC shows, she is also an expert in business and finance. She says she was interested in being a journalist since she was a child and she would pretend she was one in front of the mirror; she has always been really good at it, and she says she is happy with her life since she can combine two of her passions: Journalism and Business and finances, and still earn money for it.


As we mentioned before, Drury has always been passionate about journalism and business and finances, so that's the area where she has work in. She started working in the area of International relations in Japan; then started her journalist career working in a broadcast in the radio that eventually changed to a TV show it was from 1999 to 2000.

In 2001, she was hired by CNBC and she decided to move to Singapore, she lived there for almost eight years. She moved to Sydney and then from Sydney to CNBC New Jersey's installations in 2010.

Personal Life:

This beautiful TV reporter got married to Tim Drury, an American businessman, they say they fell in love the first time they saw each other and in that moment she felt he would be her husband. They have two children, I'm fact they are twins boys.

She and her husband are really in love and have a perfect relationship, they confessed that even when they have their fights, they don't allow those to ruin such a good relationship, they assure that they are not only a married couple but best friends.

Net Worth:

She is the kind of woman that loves her job in all the ways. She has worked since she was a really young woman, and seems to be unstoppable, she always challenges herself with things she has not done.

Her work hard and the sacrifices she has done through her professional life are finally giving its fruits. She is considered one of the best paid journalist in North America and has one of the best Net worth amounts.

Her Salary is of $2.5 million dollars approx.


Drury is a hardworking woman, she is secure of herself, full of energy; she is a decided woman, she seems to care only about her work and family since she has not been in problems of any kind.

She is a loving mom, a romantic wife full of good things, but also she has a strong temperament. She has always show his love for what she does and it is demonstrated in the way she does it.

Even when she loves her work, she loves journalism, she loves radio and she likes to be always active, she has stated several times that she loves to spend time with her family and that for her it is the most important thing above all.

Last Modified: 25 Jul, 2016

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