Allison Wardle is the beautiful wife of actor Graham Wardle of Canadian citizenship. She is only known as the wife of a celebrity but she does not talk too much about her own life or maintain any social account. She supports her husband and she does not want to be in the limelight. From her husband, she is gifted photographer and he put some of the pictures he took on the social media.

Allison Wardle got married to Graham in the year 2015 and even if the wedding was known to the public, it became a private affair where only family and close friends were allowed to attend. The couple appears together in awards function or public events. They do not like to give too much information about their lives.

Graham came to be known for the role she has of Kyle in Grave Halloween, a horror film. Other roles he had are appearing in Fallen, a supernatural detective drama and in That One Night. He started the career when he was only six years old and he is still going far.

When it comes to the biography of Allison Wardle, few things are known about her. It is not clear when she was born and where she was born. It is not also clear about what she does for living. However, for her husband is a producer and actor who had made a name in the industry. For his work, he had made 3 million as a net worth. The two has no divorce records before getting married.

Graham was born in the year 1986 and it was in British Columbia. He grew up in the city of New Westminster, near the city of Vancouver. He was born with five siblings. Graham had always been interested into entertainment industry and he started to be involved into TV and film while he was six years. One day, together with her mother accidentally entered into the room where the children were auctioning and he auctioned.

After this, he got a chance of appearing for Nerf and Micro Machine commercials. When he was 12, he got the first role in the TV series called The Sentinel and then he appeared in Supernatural, Life as We Know IT, The Outer Limit and The New Addams Family.

Even if he was already in the industry, he attended Motion Picture and Production Program found at Capilano University to improve with his acting skills. He finished the schooling there in 2007.

Graham is known to have an onscreen chemistry with Amber Marshall who plays as Amy Fleming and most of the time; fans suggested that they should date each other. However, they said that it is not possible since each one of them is married and in love with a different person in real life. Amber got married and his husband is called Shawn Turner.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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