Alison Stern is an American origin television personality, who is recognised as the former spouse of the celebrated radio show host and producer, Howard Stern.

Personal Life

Alison Stern was born as Alison Berns in a village in the suburban city if Newton, Massachusetts on 26th May 1954. She attended the renowned Boston University and graduated with a degree in social work. While studying in college, she met her future husband Howard Stern. Howard who was studying Communications had asked Alison to work on a movie project he was working on for college, during the course of their work the two fell in love.

When they were both twenty-four years old, they decided to tie the knot on 4th June 1978 at Brookline in the Temple Ohabei Shalom. The couple welcomed their first child in 1983, Emily Beth. In 1986, they had their second child who they named Debra Jennifer and the third child named Ashley Hade who was born in 1993. The couple spent twenty-one years together; they decided to go their separate ways in 1999, which hopes of reconciliation sometime in future.

In 2001, they filed for divorce marking the end of their marriage that lasted twenty-three years. It is said that the reason for the couple’s divorce is Howard’s addiction towards his work and failure to spend time with family. When they were together she appeared with Howard on his shows, videos and movies.

Following the divorce, Howard dated Robin Givens and Angie Everhart. Howard and Beth Ostrosky, a television host, socialite, and model whom he began dating in 2000 got engaged in 2007 and the next year got married in October in New York City’s Le Cirque restaurant.

In 2001, Alison married David Scott Simon, a businessman. Alison’s ex-husband, Howard Allan Stern gained fame through his radio show called ‘The Howard Stern Show’ that first came out in 1986. Throughout his career, he has taken home numerous awards, which includes is the ‘Billboard’s National Syndicated Air Personality Award’, of which he is an eight-time recipient. Among the younger generation, he is more popular as one of the judges of ‘America’s Got Talent’, the place he held from 2012 to 2015.

Stern’s books titled ‘Miss America’ and ‘Private Parts’ where both huge successes and could be found of the Best Seller list of The New York Times. He also takes interest in photography; some of his works were featured in the magazines, WHIRL and Hamptons. Home video’s Stern produced and appeared in includes ‘Butt Bongo Fiesta’, ‘New Year’s Rotten Eve’ and ‘Negligee and Underpants Party’ and ‘U.S. Open Sores’. He was a nominee of two Golden Raspberry Awards 1998.


Alison’s first known work was in the movie based on Transcendental Meditation, which Howard Stern was making as a part of his college work. She also appeared in home videos, albums and on television alongside her then-husband, Stern, some of which include ‘The Howard Stern Show’, a talk show, U.S Open Sores and ‘Private Parts’, a movie based on the autobiographical account of Stern’s life.

Last Modified: 09 Mar, 2018

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