Alison Berns is a radio host and actress who was the wife to Howard Stern, a judge at America’s Got Talent. However, the couple decided to get a divorce after being married for 23 years. It is not clear what had gone wrong between these two people who had been known to love each other too much.

According to their biography, Alison Berns and his husband got married in the year 1978 and it was at Temple Ohabei Shalom found in Brookline of Massachusetts. They married after being in relationship for some years. They met while at Boston University and this is where Berns was working while Stern was doing her communication degree.

At that time, Stern had been asked to make a student movie and she was to make a new movie called Transcendental meditation. After being in relationship for some time, they decided to get married. The two got three children, Ashley Jade Stern, Deborah Jennifer Stern and Emily Beth Stern.

After being married for over 23 years, they decided that they want to get a divorce from one another. They separated in the year 1999 but the divorce came through in 2001 which become a national topic. When Howard talked about his divorce, he said that he had become workaholid and he was sorry that he let his wife and children down.

Alison Berns says that the husband was not being together with the family and the wife ended up saying that he was distant and cold. It was also about the work he was doing because his movies and shows become popular. After the divorce, he said that it took him time before he decided to move on with his own life. He did not imagine that his wonderful life may come to the end.

Alison Berns got married again and her new husband is David Scott Simon. Simon is not working in show busy as his wife and there is no information on what he does. They do not like to put their lives out.

Alison Berns retired from media so that she can take better care of her children. Alison with her husband do not have any problem and they are living a better life. Howard also got married again and his wife is a television host and a model called Beth Ostrosky. He also dated Robin Givens and Angie Everhart. Ostrosky is now 44 while his husband is 63.

Alison Berns was born in 1954 and she is American actress. She is known because of the role she had in US open Sores, Privates Parts, Underpants Party and Negligee. She works as a radio host and she was working together with Howard Stern up to the time that the couple divorced. The two worked together on many projects. None expected that the relationship may end, but it came to the end.

Last Modified: 15 Mar, 2018

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