When we talk about some of the best meteorologist the name of Alexandra Steele always comes to our mind. She is considered as one of the best American meteorologist. Her date of birth is not known but there are reasons to believe that her biography is quite rich because of a number of reasons. She burst into the limelight when she appeared as a host of the show by the name Good Morning America.

Apart from this Alexandra Steele also has hosted a number of other shows including Prime Time Live. Further it would be pertinent to mention that she also has earned name and fame as a well known anchor and has hosted shows alongside famous names like Jim Cantore and this was in the famous shows such as Weather Channel. It would be pertinent to mention that the exact date of birth of Alexandra is not known.

Early Life

It is believed that Alexandra Steele was born in United States. But the exact place of birth and the date of birth are not known perhaps because she would like to keep it a secret. Further there is very little mention about her early life and childhood.

However, it is believed that she attended a local school and apart from this there is nothing much known about her school and college education. However, there are many who believe that she has completed her graduation in hydrology, thermodynamics and other science related subjects. Further she also got the much coveted seal of approval from the famous American Meteorological Society.

Personal Life

It would be pertinent to mention here that Alexandra Steele is perhaps very protective about her personal life and she would prefer to keep it under wraps. She does not want the prying eyes of the public to perhaps to know much about her life in particular. Hence there is no authentic information about her marriage or even divorce.

But based on rumors and other sources of unverified information there are reasons to believe that Alexandra Steele might have been married to Jim Cantore. However, neither Jim nor she has confirmed or denied this news. Further there are also unconfirmed reports that she might be the mother of a girl child fathered by Jim. But it has been kept a closely guarded secret an there is no way by which this news can be confirmed or denied.

Net Worth

The net worth of Alexandra Steele should be around $5 million.


As far as her career is concerned, there is no denying the fact that she is one of the best known meteorologist and given the fact that she looks extremely attractive she has been able to make a mark in this highly competitive and demanding field. She has worked in different areas and fields as a host. Further after completing her graduation, Alexandra Steele started her career as a small RJ and hosted two shows.

The name of the shows as mentioned earlier is PrimeTime Live in Washington and Good Morning America. She also worked alongside other professionals including some big names like Jim Cantore. It would also be pertinent to mention here that Steele also has hosted many other shows apart from serving as a meteorologist for CNN.



Last Modified: 26 Mar, 2018

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