From starting off with a boy band from his mate’s bedroom to gracing the world on the international scene, Alex James’ career has surpassed limits unfathomable to many.

Personal Life

As documented in his biography, Steven Alexander James was born on the 21st of November 1968. He goes by Alex James in most occasions. Born in Bournemouth, England, Alex was brought up by his dad, Jason, who worked in a company that sold wastes compactors as a sales director. His mom’s identity is however not disclosed. Other information on James’ personal life is that he had a little sister, Deborah. Alex got married to his wife Claire Neate in 2003 and together they have five children; Geronimo, Galileo, Sable, Beatrix and Artemis. They live together in Kingham, Oxfordshire.

At an early age, Alex was coaxed by his mom to play the violin during his time in junior school. After attending the violin classes, the instrument proved too difficult for young Alex to get the hang of it. Though unable to play the violin, music was a part of Alex and when his dad bought him a piano while he was 13 years, his zeal grew even further.

His grandfather’s death made Alex and the family to move to a retirement center. With nothing much to do in that environment, Alex dedicated most of his time in his studies and was able to attain 13 “O” levels. James studied in his hometown at Bournemouth School and aside from being a bright student and a music lover; Alex was also a good sportsman.


The Age Of Consent band was formed by Alex and his friend Jay Burt-Smale. They did their practice in Jay’s room. Alex played the bass until his 16th birthday when he got his hands on a Fender Precision bass. He even had a band named after his landlord, Mr. Pangs Bang Bangs.

A year after joining Goldsmith College where he studied French, Alex joined Graham and his mates who were part of the Seymour band and the Blur band was later formed after that union. At the band, Alex was the bass player and the Blur band’s genre of music was Alternative rock and Britpop. Success from the band, Blur enabled Alex to purchase a 200-arce farm in Oxfordshire and renovated it to produce cheese. Currently James’ farm produces cheese in wide varieties with distinct flavors.

James also had a stint as a radio host when he featured on stations like BBC Radio 4 and Classic FM. His show, The A-Z that aired on Classic FM won the award of Commercial Radio Programme of the Year in 2009. Alex has a weekly column in the Sun where he writes on food, farm and family life. He is also a space enthusiast.

From his successful music career, his time as a journalist, investment in the cheese making and taking part in other income generating activities, Alex is known to have an estimated net worth of 25 million dollars.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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