Quick facts
Birth date 9 Apr, 1961
Age 58 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Los Angeles
Education USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
Gender Female
Description American journalist

Alex Witt is a very famous American TV news anchor who currently hosts the popular news show, Weekends with Alex Witt, on MSNBC. Alex has been working for MSNBC, since 1999. Before that, she had worked for many other smaller TV channels in California. She started her career in journalism as a field producer for the Today show.

Alex Witt was born in 1961, to very successful parents and grew up in the posh Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, California. After completing her schooling from one of the most prestigious schools in Los Angeles, she went on to major in journalism and international relations from the University of Southern California.  She is married to TV producer Bill Sorensen. The couple has two beautiful kids, a girl named Caroline and a son named, Charlie.

Alex Witt and her husband were embroiled in a much publicized controversy when her best friend filed a case against her for the recovery of $65000 that Alex had apparently borrowed from her. According to her friend, Stephanie Jones, Alex was in between renewing her contract with MSNBC and her husband was jobless at the time. Although she promised to pay it back in installments, she never even paid a quarter of the amount, even after renewing her contract for $200000. Stephanie Jones also alleged that Alex and her husband, while claiming to be having financial difficulties, bought an expensive Porsche, during this time. Alex claimed to be so poor that she was unable to even send her daughter on a school trip, while going on super luxurious foreign vacations, with her husband and children. The case is believed to have been settled out of court.

Though Alex Witt and her husband are not divorced, their marriage did come under a lot of strain when there were rumors of her alleged affair with an unknown co-worker. Representatives for Alex immediately rubbished any news about the couple’s divorce and also said that the couple is happily married with no problems at all.

Alex Witt also courted controversy when she supported President Barack Obama for his first presidential campaign. Many viewers accused her of being biased on the show, especially while interviewing Republican Party leaders. She has been supportive of Obama all through his first and second terms as President of the United States and still continues to do so. This has become a sore point between her and many of the viewers of her popular show.

Alex Witt was also involved in a lot of controversy for her stand on women’s abortion rights and gun control. Although she has not openly stated herself to be ‘pro-choice’ on her show, she has been shown to be supportive of many of the leading ‘pro-choice’ activists.

Alex Witt has also got the wrath of many of her viewers for her controversial stand on gun control. Gun control has always been a hotly contested topic in America. Alex has, many times, indicated her support for stricter gun controls, on her show, albeit indirectly.

In spite of all the controversies, Alex Witt is still a much loved anchor and news reporter. She enjoys a quiet life with her husband and two children, in California. 

Last Modified: 03 Dec, 2013

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