Alexandra Borstein was born in the year 1971 or even 1973. She is a comedian, producer, writer and actress in America. She became well known in the role of Lois Griffin for an animated television series named Family Guy. She had played in the role of Dawn Forchette for Getting on comedy series. She played in the role of Susie Myerson for the historical comedy drama series known as The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. She had been in many characters for sketch comedy series known as MADtv. He had the supporting role for The Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Angry Birds Movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West, ParaNorman and Ted.

She is a native of the Deerfield at Illinois. She is the graduate for the San Francisco State University. She had trained in the improvisational comedy for ACME Comedy Theatre found near Hollywood in California. She got chosen to live in MADtv and then chosen through talent agent and noticed the work in theatre. She was a voice actor and writer for different shows like Power Rangers: Zeo, Pinky and the Brain and Casper.

She was born in the city of Highland Park in Illinois. It is a suburb city in Chicago. It is said that she was born in the year 1973 but there are some sources that say 1971. She got raised in the city of Deerfield in Illinois. She was born with two brothers. Her father is Irv while her mother is Judy Borstein. The parents work in mental health professional. Borstein is a Jewish. The parents were born in Atlanta, in Georgia. The mother survived Holocaust and she was born in Budapest in Hungary.

Borstein worked as an improv for the ACME Comedy Theater. This is where she met a writing partner who became future husband named Jacksosn Douglas. They were working together in animated Series Casper and at Pinky and The Brain. She stopped to work at an ad agency, the place where she was writing print ads of Barbie and then she was full time writer.

She had been on the show of the Power Rangers Zeo where she was Queen Machina voice for Machine Empire. Borstein was the cast member for third season of MADtv. She joined the cast like featured player and got upgraded to be a repertory in the mid-season.

Alex Borstein is now single and had divorced. She got married to Jackson Douglas first and they met where they were at ACME Comedy Theatre. After being together for some years, they decided to get married in the year 1999. They gave birth to two children; they are Barnaby Borstein Douglas with Henrietta Borstein Douglas. The divorce took place in the year 2014 and from that time, she is now alone. She is not involved into any rumors regarding her personal and professional life.

Last Modified: 25 Apr, 2018

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