Quick facts
Birth date 18 Sep, 1970
Age 49 yrs
Occupations Actor
Film director
Film producer
Television actor
Film actor
Voice actor
Film editor
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place San Francisco
Education Dartmouth College
Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts
Gender Female
Description American actor and director

Aisha Tyler is a famous American. She was born on the 18th September in the year of 1970. The place she was born is called San Francisco which is situated in California in the United States. She is mostly famous for her work in acting. Besides being an actress, she is also a comedian, author, producer, writer and director.


Tyler is the daughter of Robin Gregory who was a teacher in profession and Jim Tyler who was a photographer. When Tyler was only 10 years old, her parents were divorced. She and her sister were raised by her father. At a very early age, she got interested when she was studying McAteer High school. She went to Dartmouth College and got a degree specialized in environmental policy from there. She moved to Los Angeles from the native San Francisco for pursuing a career in acting in the year of 1996.


Tyler has been successful in different sector of entertainment industry. Her biography is enriched with success in TV and film media. In the year of 2001, Tyler started her career in television as a host of the show named Talk Soup. And she also hosted the reality dating series called The Fifth Wheel. She also directed an independent short film called The Whisper. She was also starred, and wrote the film. In her acting she was appeared in many TV series and several movies. She acted regularly in the CBS series named Ghost Whisperer in its first season. The series was broadcasted during 2005 and 2006. During her career, she worked in 14 films successfully as an actress. These works of her got the attention of the film critics and movie lovers. She worked in so many TV series also. Her work in the TV series named ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ got huge popularity to the audience.

She is also credited for producing few short films and TV series. She is also a successful writer. She wrote an episode of the TV series called Just for Laughs, a TV documentary called Aisha Tyler is lit: Live at the Fillmore, it was basically a stand-up comedy show and a short film named ‘Committed’. She has also appeared in many TV shows as a guest film critic. For some time, she contributed in the magazine named Glamour and Jane magazines regularly. She has been able to gain popularity through her successful career and managed to earn a lot. At present, she has a net worth of $8 million which is great for a woman and the figure is continuously rising as times go by. For her amazing work in entertainment industry, she is praised by people.


Tyler is a wonderful person as well as a wonderful actress and a standup comedian. She is a beautiful woman with a height of 6’. In the May of 1992, Tyler was married. The name of her husband is Jeff Tietjens. They are happily living together since their marriage. She has no children.

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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