Adalia Rose is a social media star of American origins. She got the fame when her own mother started a website and a Facebook page so that the family member may keep up with her. She is suffering a fatal and serious disease which afflicts her. She is well aware that she is suffering a fatal problem and she may die before she even turns 13. However, she is full of life. She had created different videos to prove that she is happy with her life and she is enjoying the life. She did not become famous because of the videos, but because she teaches the people the way of coping with the situation even if there is no hope of recovery. She owns a personal website that she did call Rosebud shop.

According to her biography, Adalia Rose is suffering a rare condition and only few children have it. She is suffering an illness called progeria. She was born as a healthy child and she continued to be healthy up to 24 months. After this period, she started to age faster and after few years, she started to look as a too old person. She likes to talk about her situation, she likes her family and she would like that the cure of her illness can be found. The money that are gotten from her videos, they are send to help the children who suffer the same problems and towards the research about the cause and the cure of the problem. She has 6 million fans at her Facebook page and over 370,000 followers at her twitter account.

Progeria is a fatal illness and it comes from the word progeros which means premature aging. At least a hundred children in the entire world suffer from this problem. With this disease, the body gets old six or seven times of the normal rate. Even if she may look like a ten years girl and has a mind of a ten years girl, her body is like that of seventy or eighty years old woman. She is ready to tell the world that she is happy and she likes to be with her parents and little brother. Being brave is one of the reasons why people like her and they love her even if she may not be that attractive.

Adalia Rose was born in the city of Round Rock, in Texas. She was born in the year 2006. She still lives in this city with a step father called Ryan Pallante. Her mother is called Natalia Amozurrutia. He has a young brother named Marcelo and she likes to keep herself active at the social media.

Even if many people are supportive, some do not like her and she has been a victim of bullying where some say that she resembles an alien and others report that she is dead when she is not yet dead.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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